Bird Training and Solutions for Bird Behavioural Problems.


If you are looking to find a bird or parrot trainer, then you have come to the right place.  Bird behavioural problems are common.  Some people want to stop a bird screaming, others want to stop biting, others want help harness training a bird.
Mel Vincent is one of the most experienced bird trainers you can find.  With clients all over the world, she has worked with all types of birds in all situations.  She offers private bird behavioural consultations but also runs a regular parrot school and bird social meetups.
A regular public speaker, you will find Mel and her team from Bird Vet Melbourne at many pet or bird expos.

What Does a Bird Trainer Do?

If you are looking for a bird trainer, you are best to try to find a qualified and experienced avian behaviourist.  A behaviourist is more than just a bird trainer.  They should be someone who is has studied the science of behaviour and understands how to manipulate it in the least intrusive force free way possible.  This kind of bird trainer should be able to help solve behavioural problems, psychological issues as well as help you with your general bird training needs.

At Works For Birds, Mel and her colleagues make bird training easy.  Birds at any stage of life or experience can be trained.

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